Portals of Sustenance


These ancient elemental portals are gateways to the Prime Elemental and Energy planes used in the creation of Orbis. They are a source of immense power and kingdoms often build around them. These Portals are the primary source of magical ability for casters and creatures.

Most scholars agree that these portals were opened at least 3000 years ago, opening floodgates of energy into the world. They disagree on how or why they appeared in the first place. Each portal is responsible for the existence of a particular element in Orbis. The most commonly known portals are listed below:

Elemental Plane of Fire: Natural heat and fire, Fire Creatures.
Elemental Plane of Water: Water and ocean life.
Elemental Plane of Earth: Land, Mountains, Land Animal and Insect Life.
Elemental Plane of Air: Birds, Breathable Air, Wind and other flying creatures.

Positive Energy Plane: Primary source of light and good based spells. Archons, Healing abilities.
Negative Energy Plane: Primary source of dark and evil based spells. Shades and Shadow creatures.

Portals of Sustenance

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