True Gods that possess omniscient, omnipresent and fully omnipotent powers do not exist in Orbis. What passes for a God is actually closer to a powerful Demi-God or very high level NPC or PC (Level 20++).

Most of the standard Gods in the Forgotten Realm setting can be found in Orbis and tend to cluster around unique portals and harness them as a source of Divine Power. They frequently squabble with each other over possession of these portals and collect followers to aid their cause. Most are fickle and self obsessed but many deeply care for their followers and worshipers.

Many Gods syphon magic from nearby Portals and funnel them out to their worshipers to imbue them with magic abilities. Anyone can learn to tap arcane and divine powers through intense research but worshiping a God is a much quicker way to obtain these powers.

The closest being to a True God is The Architect but he either does not exist or has fallen silent since the creation of the world 3000 years ago.


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