Diary Entry 1.

I found some paper in these ruins, and some charcoal from the fire. I need to reflect on what has happened. I am stuck, somewhere, with four strangers. A tough, gruff woodsmen, a dashing knight, some sort of electric water elemental, and a fabulously fashionable halfing who enjoys the same things I do. I wont relay exactly what happened, other than we fought a golem, found a man possessed by walking Brains, and even more walking brains.

I don’t really remember anything about my self, which is pretty upsetting because I am obviously the superior one here. I have the grace, class, and education the others lack. But they are still useful, and bring skills i lack. i need to figure out what our capabilities are, if we are to get out of here. Almost as a reaction, I was able to heal the knight, and temporarily talk down the possessed shovel guy. When things got rough,I institutionally lashed out at brain, cowing it. This felt normal, comfortable.

However, something didnt feel normal. We came apon a group of those…brain things. Everyone panicked and ran, except I. instead, i panic and froze. I felt something deep down inside, something dark and empty well up. Before I could process it, I felt this…void… vomit out and hit the brains. Whatever it was scared the lot of them, and they ran away from me! no one has ever run away from me!

What was this void, it cant be related to my dragon blood…What have I forgotten? Where did this blackness come from? It felt good…and why does that feel so wrong? I should explore it…with caution…the next time we need it.

Without remembering who I am, i can only hope to piece together myself from my base instincts.

This group of, survivors?, cant find out about concerns. I need to keep a front of confidence, so they wont doubt me. I should find out more about them. Until next time, Diary… -Talia



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